The FK BRNO Combat Field Pistol



Who We Are?

Bullseye Guns Inc. serves American communities by providing quality tactical, sporting, precision weapons, and personal-protection firearms for our citizens. We are one of only two authorized importing / distributors of the FK BRNO.  

BH Defense, is the parent company to Bullseye Guns Inc. and was assigned the task to visit the Czech Republic to evaluate and test the 7.5 FK BRNO cartridge and the weapon used to fire it, the field pistol. We are also the only U.S. company to visit the Czech Republic and conduct full tests and evaluation of the 7.5 combat field pistol. The goal was to determine pros and cons of the weapon system as well as its usefulness in the current and anticipated combat environment versus existing caliber weapons. Currently, we have one of the largest inventory of precision weapon systems in the entire country. The FK BRNO is one of those weapon systems in our inventory that will revolutionize the firearm industry. 

Moreover, BH Defense, after here known as Talon Expeditionary Services (TES), is a full-service risk mitigation firm located in Jacksonville, Florida. TES is known world wide for our expertise in mitigating risks in difficult environments. We are confident that the FK BRNO and its cutting edge technology will be a leader in the precision gun industry. 

BH Defense / FK BRNO Testing

Field testing was conducted by BH Defense personally in order to evaluate the FK BRNO Combat Field Pistol system.