The Cartridge

The .338 Lapua Magnum was a piece of a U.S. Military undertaking in 1983 led by the Research Armament Company utilizing a limited neck of the .416 Rigby case. The plan was to be utilized another long range expert sharpshooter cartridge for the U.S. Military. Lapua of Finland popularized the plan in 1989 as a rimless bottleneck substantial rifle magnum groundwork.

The ballistic exhibitions based off five grain composes for speed are 3,340 ft/s (200 gr), 2,940 ft/s (250 gr Partition), 3,000 ft/s (250 gr Lapua Scenar), 2,750 ft/s (300 gr Sierra HPBT), and 2,750 ft/s (300 gr Lapua Scenar). The 250 grain military spitzer pontoon tail is fit for achieving focuses up to 1500 meters remove away.

The plan was made to enter reinforcement at long separations for expert marksman to use on missions. The slugs additionally have decreased wear contrasted with others in its class to help extend the life of barrels. On the business showcase there are jolt activity that can be semi-adjustable for don sport shooting and chasing purposes. There is likewise hand stacking metal accessible for making wildcat cartridges for private burdens.

Cartridge Specifications

Muzzle Velocity

892 m/s  (2927 fps)