The System

Based on fighter jet technology, PGFs incorporate vision and object tracking technologies to help the shooter launch a precise shot. A shooter "tags" a target which designates the shooter's intended shot impact point. The networked tracking scope then tracks the target and maintains a visual indicator of the intended impact point.

The scope instantly computes a firing solution based on range, wind, ballistic curves, temperature, humidity, incline, cant, Coriolis effect, barrel wear, zeroing shift, and other variables related to shot accuracy. The reticle of the PGF instantly adjusts to represent the precise firing solution. The shooter re-aligns the reticle with the designated impact point and pulls the trigger. If the barrel is not perfectly aligned to make the shot at the time of trigger pull, trigger pressure increases to defer launch until the barrel is in proper position to launch. Once the barrel is properly aligned by the shooter, the trigger deflates to normal trigger pressure and shooter pull force launches the round. The only way around can be launched is through human pull force. The shooter is always in the loop - tagging, aiming and pulling the trigger.